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Unlock the potential of your eCommerce venture with our suite of tailored solutions, designed to seamlessly integrate with leading platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce

Kit Builder

Take charge of your BigCommerce component inventory effortlessly with Kit Builder. Automate kitting operations and ensure accurate inventory levels with dynamic features like automatic component subtractions and “Total Available” kit quantities, guaranteeing maximum sales potential without overselling.

Shelf Master

Get ready to revolutionize your inventory management with Shelf Master! Our dynamic add-on for BigCommerce unlocks a range of essential inventory functions not found natively. Dive into precise SKU inventory levels and gain unparalleled accuracy and context that your store is missing!

Waiting List Manager

Turn missed opportunities into sales gold with our innovative feature: subscriptions for out-of-stock products! Your customers can sign up to be notified when items are back in stock, turning potential losses into sales. Seamlessly manage subscriptions, track high-demand products, and uncover endless possibilities for boosting your business!


KitBuilder is an app that enables your online store to kit and bundle different products together. This usually significantly increases the average order value (AOV) and average order margin and your overall operating margin. Think McDonald’s meal deal vs just a hamburger. Guess where they make more money?

KitBuilder only works with BigCommerce right now. Shopify support is currently in development.

When a kit product is sold, Kit Builder automatically subtracts the required components from your inventory. This ensures accurate tracking and prevents overselling, streamlining your inventory management process effortlessly.

Capture customer interest with out-of-stock product subscriptions. Notify customers when items are back in stock, driving sales. Easily manage subscriptions and gain insights into high-demand products and more!

Shelf Master enhances BigCommerce with crucial inventory features not native to the platform, offering accurate and contextual SKU inventory visibility.

Yes! Shelf Master supports integration with the Kit Builder App. When combined with Kit Builder, Shelf Master enhances the ‘Product Info’ tab by showing: Kits that include the queried SKU as a component, aiding in managing product shortages and detailed lists of sold-unshipped orders containing the queried SKU or related kits, ensuring comprehensive order visibility.

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